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Longmont Leader, July 17, 2022

New mixed-use housing project honors Longmont woman’s legacy

Longmont Times-Call, May 10, 2022

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Longmont Developer Aims to Continue Hispanic Trailblazer’s Legacy of Equity and Inclusion In New Mixed-Use Building

LONGMONT, Colorado, May 3, 2022–JSY Properties, Colorado’s newest developer, has a vision for Longmont. It’s one of equity and inclusion and it’s the continuation of a legacy started fifty years ago by a woman named Lou Cardenas.
JSY Properties is headed by Jennifer Peterson, a longtime Longmont community builder, who wants to continue what Lou started by erecting a mixed-use building at the corner of 9th and Main Street in downtown Longmont and naming it Casa Lou Cardenas.

About Lou Cardenas

Lou Cardenas was a Longmont resident of Hispanic ancestry who overcame barriers and radically altered the city’s landscape by pushing for diversity, equity, and inclusion when such issues were not at the forefront of conversation. To ensure her legacy remains intact, JSY Properties, (with Lou’s family’s blessings) will memorialize the trailblazer by naming the building Casa Lou Cardenas. It will be a place that honors community, inclusion, and diversity.

To that end, Peterson partnered with Hola Insights, a multi-cultural market research firm in Fort Collins to engage with Hispanic business owners to understand their needs and concerns when leasing commercial space. The research also connected with apartment property managers to better understand the residential community needs in Longmont.

Every part of the construction is being done to honor and include the Hispanic community in the way Lou would have done. The website, will have English and Spanish translations and has an about page centered on Lou’s history and contributions to Longmont. 

Building FAQs

● The 1st floor will house four commercial spaces ranging from 400 sf to 1,700 sf.● The 2nd floor will have five 2-bedroom, 2.5 bathroom apartments that are between 1,175 to 1,196 sf.● The 2nd floor will have one commercial space that is 1,074 sf.● The 3rd floor will have one 1-bedroom 1.5 bathroom apartment that is 1,074 sf.● Each apartment has a 180 sf roof-top patio.● There is a separate 180 sf roof-top patio for use by the commercial tenants.● Construction begins in August 2022 and is scheduled for completion at the end of 2023.● The architect is Thomas Moore Architects ● The builder is KCI Krische Construction● The commercial leasing agent is Chris Wynja. Call him at 303-570-3472. Email: moc.wk%40ajnyw.sirhc 


As of May 2022, the City of Longmont has 75 construction applications, 25 construction plans underway and 38 approved, active developments. Source:
Longmont has grown 34.6% since 2000, and Hispanics account for 25.2% of the population.  Source:
Longmont’s population as of December 31, 2020, was 99,570. The population of Longmont has increased 2.09% since 2019. This compares with a growth rate of 1.4% and an end-of-year population estimate of 97,530 in 2019. Source:

About Jennifer Peterson

Longmont resident Jennifer Peterson is Colorado’s newest property developer. Her experience as a community builder and fundraiser gives her a unique approach to development as she doesn’t just raise structures, she elevates communities. She’s done this for decades, though in different guises.

For 12 years she served on the Loma Linda Elementary and Columbine Elementary Schools Parent Teacher Organizations, coordinating events and fundraisers to build community for families and the schools. Since 2014, she has hosted fundraisers for the Mwebaza Foundation, raising over $35,000 to promote cross-cultural exchanges, enhance educational opportunities, and foster healthy learning environments for Ugandan and Colorado schools. For nearly ten years she has coordinated and hosted an annual Creative Women’s Retreat in New Mexico, creating curriculum and a supportive environment for women artists.

Now Jennifer is expanding her community efforts by buying the two ugliest buildings in Longmont at 9th and Main Streets and transforming the corner into a beautiful, modern three-story building with residential apartments and commercial spaces. The building is named Casa Lou Cardenas in honor of Lou Cardenas, a Longmont resident, who, like Jennifer is doing now, worked tirelessly to foster an inclusive community in the 70s and 80s. 

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If you would like more information or request an interview with Jennifer Peterson, please call Marilyn Heywood Paige at 720-999-4082 or email her at moc.egiapdoowyeh%40phm

Interview Q&A

Suggested Interview Questions for the developer of Casa Lou Cardenas, Jennifer Peterson of JSY Properties, LLC


Why did you decide to develop property in Longmont?
How did you choose the site of 9th and Main Street?
Why did you name your building after Lou Cardenas?
How did you become familiar with Lou Cardenas’ story?
What was most moving to you about her story?
What was the Cardenas family’s reaction to you naming the building after Lou Cardenas?
Why do you think Lou Cardenas’ legacy is important to commemorate?
How will the building demonstrate the ideals of equity, inclusion, and diversity?
You will market the commercial and residential spaces to the Latino community. How are you reaching out to this community?
How will Longmont benefit from this building?
What is the most important thing you want to achieve through this project? 
What makes you the right person to continue Lou’s vision?

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