Construction FAQs

  • I have a question about the construction site or construction schedule, who should I call?

    Call or email Jamie Davis, Director of Business Development at KCI construction. Her phone number is 970-290-0516. Her email is .moc.tsnocick%40sivadj

  • Who is the builder of Casa Lou Cardenas?

    The builder is KCI Krische Construction.

  • Will there be hard hat tours of the space for the community?

    Yes, the date is to be announced. 

  • When will the building be fully finished?

    The opening will be in April 2024. The ribbon cutting is May 17, 2024 at 4 pm.

Building FAQs

  • Where will the building be located?

    It is located on the north west corner of 9th and Main Streets in Longmont, Colorado

  • What will the building look like?

    You can see renderings of the building here https://casaloulongmont.com/ 

  • How tall, how many floors will the building have?

    The building will be three stories, with no basement.

  • What’s Different About The Construction of Casa Lou?

    Cleaner Air - Each commercial and residential space has a purified air system, making this the only known multi-family project in Longmont to use energy recovery ventilation technology for total air purification.

    More Energy Efficiency - The heating and air conditioning systems are zoned for individual space control and use 50% less energy than traditional systems. In fact, our energy models predict that the building will use up to 20% less energy than code requirements.

    E-Vehicle Ready - Photovoltaic energy generation and E-vehicle readiness make Casa Lou Cardenas years ahead of its time. Charge up at a 250V, 50A rated receptacle, supplied with a 208V, 40A circuit.

  • Why is the building named Casa Lou Cardenas?

    The building is named after Eloyeda "Lou" Cardenas, a Longmont resident of Hispanic ancestry who overcame barriers and radically altered the city’s landscape by pushing for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) when such issues weren’t at the forefront of conversation. When the building developer, Jennifer Peterson read about Lou and how she worked for so long to bring DEI to Longmont, she was moved to continue Lou’s work by making this building a place of community and diversity. Read more about Lou Cardenas and Jennifer Peterson by clicking here.

  • How will Casa Lou embody the ideals of community and diversity?

    This website is available in both English and Spanish. Also, the developer engaged a market research company specializing in multicultural market research to understand the commercial and residential leasing needs of the Hispanic community.

Commercial Spaces FAQs

  • How many commercial spaces will there be in the building?

    The first floor will house four commercial spaces ranging from 400 square feet to 1,700 square feet. There will be one commercial space on the second floor that is 1,074 square feet. 

  • What types of businesses are allowed in the Commercial Space?

    A wide range of retail and office is appropriate for the building. Contact Chris Wynja for more specifics. His phone number is 303-570-3472. His email is .moc.wk%40ajnyw.sirhc

  • What are the Commercial Leasing Rates for Casa Lou? 

    Call or email Chris Wynja at Colorado Group for leasing rates. His phone number is 303-570-3472. His email is moc.puorgodaroloc%40ajnywc

  • When will commercial spaces begin leasing?

    We are leasing now! Contact Chris Wynja to schedule a tour. Call or email Chris Wynja at Colorado Group. His phone number is 303-570-3472. His email is moc.puorgodaroloc%40ajnywc

  • Who can I contact to lease a commercial space?

    Call or email Chris Wynja at Colorado Group. His phone number is 303-570-3472. His email is moc.puorgodaroloc%40ajnywc

Apartments FAQs

  • How many apartments will be in the building?

    There will be 6 units available. Five of them will be two-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom apartments that are between 1,175 to 1,196 square feet*. One will be a one-bedroom, 1.5 bathroom apartment measuring 1,074 square feet*. (The finished square footage of apartments may vary from these measurements.)

  • Will the building have resident parking?

    Yes, there will be assigned spaces for residents.

  • How much will the rent be for the apartments? 

    Call or email Fox Management for apartment lease rates. The phone number is 720-583-4369. The email is .moc.tmgmytreporpxof%40ofni

  • When will I be able to lease an apartment?

    You can lease now! Contact Claire Darden at Fox Management to schedule a tour. Call or email Claire Darden, Senior Property Manager at 720.583.4369 or .moc.tmgmytreporpxof%40erialc

  • Who can I contact about leasing an apartment?

    Call or email Fox Management. The phone number is 720-583-4369. The email is .moc.tmgmytreporpxof%40ofni


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