Energy-Efficient Building Design

Designed and built to honor people, the planet, and profits—in that order.

Casa Lou Cardenas is an all-electric mixed-use building aimed at carbon neutrality. Its state-of-the-art energy efficiency will make living and working here comfortable for you and sustainable for the planet.


The building is designed with the Passive House Principles of health, comfort, and energy savings in mind.

Breathe Clean Air

The building has advanced airtightness cutting down on dust and air pollution particulates accumulation, so air and surfaces stay cleaner. (Dust less, breathe more!)
Each commercial and residential space has a purified air system, making this the only known multi-family project in Longmont to use energy recovery ventilation technology for total air purification. No more humid bathrooms, stale air, or strange smells coming through shared walls. You control the fresh air supply in your space.


Use Less Electricity

The heating and air conditioning systems are zoned for individual space control and use 50% less energy than traditional systems. In fact, our energy models predict that the building will use up to 20% less energy than code requirements. 
Passive House design principles implemented include: ● WUFI-Passive energy modeling● Advanced Insulation● Thermally Broken Exterior Facades● Air Purification Recovery● Advanced Airtight Envelope● Energy Star Appliances● Thick Doors and Windows

Plug In Your E-Vehicle

E-vehicle readiness makes Casa Lou Cardenas years ahead of its time. Charge up at a 250V, 50A rated receptacle, supplied with a 208V, 40A circuit. 


Want to live or work here in 2024?

Casa Lou is almost finished. You can pre-lease apartments and/ or retail space now for the ultimate live/work convenience.

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